Three more eye-witnesses record their statement in anti-terrorism court

Haji Muhammad Tufail, Haseeb Akbar and Qamar Habib, eye-witnesses of Model Town tragedy, recorded their statement in the private complaint filed by Minhaj-ul-Quran. They stated in front of the judge of anti-terrorism court that the police cordoned off residence and the secretariat of MQI on June 17, 2014. Haji Muhammad Tufail said in his testimony that SP Maroof Safdar Wahla attacked him himself and beat him with a club. He said that his head and different parts of the body sustained injuries as a result of the torture. He said that Maroof Safdar ordered his subordinates to torture the peaceful citizens, shower tear-gas shells on them and resort to live firing.

Recording his statement Qamar Habib said that SP Nadeem tortured him with iron rod and he sustained injuries on various parts of his body as a result of severe torture. He said that SP Nadeem was joined by Constable Shahzad who perpetrated torture on the peaceful citizens. They abused them and ordered their subordinates to torture the workers. Safdar Wahla said this in loud voice that no one should go alive.

10 eye-witnesses have recorded their statements in the Model Town tragedy case. Badar-uz-Zaman Chatha, Naeem-ud-Din Chaudhry Advocate, and Shakeel Mumka Advocate appeared in the anti-terrorism court on behalf of the heirs of the martyrs. Complainant Jawad Hamid was also present on the occasion. Talking to the media after the court proceedings, he said that the police officers nominated in the Model Town case continue to stay in their positions in one way or the other and that they are using these positions to protect and benefit themselves. He said that witnesses are being harassed. He said that we have written a letter to the prime minister of Pakistan that these officers should be made to step down from their positions till the conclusion of the case to allow for the transparent investigation and police officers involved in Model Town tragedy should not be given any responsibility.