LHC’s verdict a victory of justice: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has welcomed the decision of the full bench of Lahore High Court wherein three-member bench dismissed the appeal of the Punjab government and ordered it to immediately make the Baqar Najafi Commission report public. Terming the decision as the victory of truth, he said that it is a development towards dispensation of justice in the Model Town case. He said that the family members of the martyrs will have their peace of mind when the perpetrators of the massacre will be held accountable for their action of injuring 100 people with live bullets and killing 14 of them in the broad daylight. He said that after the certified copy of the report is made available, the party will review it and announce its next line of action.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri made these remarks while addressing a heavily attended press conference in the late afternoon on December 5. He said that the workers along with the family members of the martyrs will go to the civil secretariat peacefully to get a certified copy of the Baqar Najafi Commission report on December 6. He said that our protest will be entirely peaceful, adding that his container is also ready. He said that those conspiring to delete contents from the report will be deleted themselves. He said that those who hold that the leaderships do not change with the judicial decisions should be ashamed of themselves. He said that a leadership that has been involved in shedding blood of innocent people will meet its logical end in every case.

The PAT leader said that the Punjab Chief Minister had stated that if a finger was pointed at him, he would tender his resignation immediately. He said that all statements are on record in this regard. He said that even Nawaz Sharif is involved in the planning process of the tragedy, for without his input such a big step cannot be taken. He said that the threatening statements made by the PML-N stalwarts and the government ministers were indicative of their intentions and told in crystal clear terms that they had made up their mind to indulge in bloodletting.

Dr Qadri said that it was on the invitation of the former Army Chief that FIR of Model Town tragedy was registered. He said that we changed our lawyers and paid their fees, adding that the difficulties we had to encounter were immense but there is no point in discussing them at this time. He said that Qisas is our target and we will go to any extent for this purpose. He said that we waged a legal battle peacefully and did not let go of our patience and fortitude. So much so that we put up with the mean and baseless propaganda of the rulers. He said that bit by bit, the progress towards the goal of justice is taking place. He said that the Sharif brothers are our culprits and there is no doubt about it.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that for three and half years, the government tried to hide the truth but now their grip is loosening. He said IA truth will prevail and the perpetrators of the tragedy will meet their end. He said that the Punjab government threw spanners in the way of justice. He said that since the most powerful of tyrants did not remain in power forever, they would also leave it one day. He said that we had no option but to fight a legal battle. He said that patience of the heirs of martyrs and our struggle is bearing fruit. He said that the poor but honorable families of the martyrs remained steadfast and today the doors of justice are opening up.