Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri addresses Qisas movement rally in DG Khan

Politics of ‘reconciliation’ covering up grave crimes: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

While addressing a rally and sit-in organized in DG Khan as part of the ongoing Qisas movement, PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that the nexus between corrupt leaders has now turned into the anti-state activities. He said that the politics of ‘reconciliation’ is baptizing every crime, stating that only God knows what will be the fate of the country. He said it appears that the request to resort to name-calling was made from Islamabad. He said that the pernicious speech was delivered in London whereas acts of violence took place in Karachi. He said that the issue warrants a thorough probe. He said that if the proofs handed over to the UK are strong and satisfactory, why did the government not register a treason case?

While referring to the Model Town tragedy, the PAT Chairman said that the perpetrators of the horrifying tragedy are occupying top positions in the government. He said that we would not rest peacefully unless Qisas is done. He said that Dr Tauqeer Shah, who played the role of a bridge between the Sharif brothers, was sent to Switzerland as the Ambassador; SP Salman who fired bullets on the innocent people was made to flee abroad; and DIG Rana Abdul Jabbar, who was in-charge of Model Town operation, was made to made to disappear from the scene by sending him on two-year leave. In the same way, SP Umar Riaz Cheema, another important character of the tragedy, was removed from the scene through award of two-year leave. He said that other characters are trying to flee, asking is there any more need to understand as to who is behind the Model Town tragedy?

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri made workers chant the slogans of ‘long-live’ Pakistan. He said that it is important to unmask the faces of those who raised slogans against Pakistan, their facilitators and beneficiaries. The protest rally in DG Khan started from Faisal Mosque and concluded at Traffic chowk. Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Khawaja Amir Farid Koreja, Fayyaz Warriah, former Chief Minister Sardar Dost Muhammad Khosa, Sardar Saif-ud-Din Khosa, Sardar Shakir Mazari, Sardar Saifullah Saddozai, Sardar Riaz Khan Laghari, and Malik Akhtar Malana addressed the rally.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that the innocent PAT workers were killed in cold blood. He said that sanctity of the old age of the elderly, respect of women and innocence of children was violated with abandon. He said that the perpetrators of Model Town had blood on their heads on June 17, 2014. He said that the purpose of shedding innocent blood was to stop him from coming to Pakistan. He said that it has been two years since the heart-rending incident took place but justice has not been done in the case. He said that we have taken to the streets to seek justice for those who were martyred. He said that severe attacks on national security were launched from inside and outside Parliament in the month of August. He said neither was any suo moto notice of these taken nor did the PM utter even a single word against them. He said that the acts of violence and arson were started soon after the meeting of the Federal Information Minister with the members of the hunger strike camp. He said that the government went to any extent to stop the news of meeting from being aired.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that the thought, objectives and planning of the Quetta tragedy seems to be behind the incidents of violence in Karachi. He said that the idea of provoking the crowd was to make them speak against the country, create difficulties for the law enforcement agencies and push the Kashmir issue under the carpet. He said that we condemn the MQM leader for his anti-Pakistan rhetoric and demand action against him. He said that we want to know why the PM remains silent whenever an attack is launched on the national integrity. He said that only resolutions and statements are being relied on instead of solid steps at this point in time. He said that these resolutions never get implemented.

The PAT Chairman said that the government was not happy with the electronic media for their discussion on issues such as Qisas & accountability movements, Panama leaks, possession of illegal assets, and atrocities in the Indian held Kashmir. He said that these subjects have now been replaced by new discussion arising out of the Karachi situation, adding that it is for this reason that we are of the view that there is a deep connection between the Model Town tragedy and the incidents in Karachi, further stating that timing of these events is very important.

Dr Qadri said that the Takht-e-Lahore did not end discriminatory attitude towards South Punjab even in 8th year of its power. He said that one percent of development budget is spent in DG Khan whereas Lahore gets 58%. He said that the farmers have been meted out real bad treatment during the rule of current rulers. He said that the support price per 40 kg was Rs. 1300, whereas the farmers hardly got Rs. 1100. He said that the Indus River sweeps away livelihoods of thousands of families each year. He said that the government has billions of rupees to construct an orange line train in Lahore but little money to put up dykes along the river beds.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri demanded the establishment of a bench of Lahore High Court for provision of speedy justice. He said that when the people of Dajjal city demanded protection from the robbers and protested for this, in return all 1500 residents of the area were booked. He said that police is helpless before Chotou gang and very ‘brave’ in front of the innocent people. He thanked the PTI, PPP, JI, Sunni Ittehad Council, MWM, Q-League, lawyers, civil society and farmers for their active participation in the rally and sit-in.